72-HOUR cease-fire Ends in Occupied Palestine-Bombing continues

…amma’ ba’du

…this is what we know at the end of the 72-Hour cease-fire between the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian resistance fighters.  On Friday Morning August 8, 2014 the Apartheid-Israeli forces clashed with protesters in the West Bank,  and Kidnapping and or arresting 11 civilians.  Additionally, the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers have resumed their bombings in targeting Occupied Palestine-The GAZA Strip.

The Only super Power in the Mideast is Apartheid-Israel and they are being backed by USA Congress with a 100% in agreement vote to continue assisting the Apartheid-Israel forces. The USA Congress, recently voted 94-votes in support and zero votes against.  The vote is to send additional reinforcements to the Apartheid-Israeli government’s “IRON-DOME” Weapons system.

This system is the main blocker of the rockets being fired by the Hamas fighters and various other Palestinian resistance fighters in Occupied-Palestine.

The Grand-Mufti of Saudi Arabia, has issued a Fatawa-(which is a [so-called] Islamic-ruling), against the protesting in support of Occupied-Palestine.  We NOTE here and now: that it is, and we believe, that due to the fact that this Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, being on the payroll of the Saudi Government; then it is and would continue to be, in that Grand Mufti’s best interest, to continue to say just what the Saudi Government requires him to say, and continue to say…, …thus, this Grand Mufti was only instructed by the Saudi Government to give such a False and misleading statements, against protesting to support the Occupied Palestine cause.

We are informed that all Occupied-Palestinian resistance forces, including Hamas & the Qassam-Brigades, have agreed to not renew any cease-fire agreements between Occupied-Palestine and Apartheid-Israeli forces.  This is due to the fact of the matter being that Apartheid-Israel had stated, (as late as: Friday 8/8/2014), that they would not lift any siege on Occupied Palestine.

Also, as of the same date: we, The Muslims of the western world, have not heard of any viable call and “so-called” Muslim nation calling for or  making any demands-that-have-substance, that would call for the immediate cease-fire and lifting of the siege against Occupied-Palestine. You , IF YOU ARE Muslim, would first ask yourself why is this, and then knowing that it is for the reason that most of the so-called Muslim-nations are currently being controlled by, to the most –Murtadeen governments, and to the least-by mere kufar, you be the observer-the investigator…

More to come, In Sha ALLAH



72-HOUR CEASE FIRE: WILL IT HOLD OR NO! against Occupied Palestine-Pt. I

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du

…There have been 29-days of continuous BOMBARDMENT against the GAZA-Strip-The Occupied Palestine; by the Apartheid-Israeli government forces. By Land with MI-tanks, and by sea with war ships and the Lands of Occupied-Palestine were fired upon from the air with the Apartheid-Israeli F-16 Jets.

The claim was first alleged that Apartheid-Israel needed to defend themselves from the Hamas fighters and the Qassam-brigades’ rocket fires into their land.  …that we are revenging the capture and death of three Israeli youth.., the alleged capture and death of the youth was never proved.  Yet a group of Apartheid-Israeli civilians kidnapped a Palestinian youth and killed him. Then burning the body…,…while this was going on the Apartheid-Israeli government invaded the GAZA-Strip, Occupied Palestine-via air, and sea, also the Apartheid-Israeli forces began bombing into the GAZA-Strip by MI tanks.  Then after some eight or nine days of bombardment while not entering the cities and townships of Palestine.  The Apartheid-Israeli forces began a GROUND INVASION into the GAZA Strip.

The Apartheid-Israeli government additionally, claimed they were invading the GAZA Strip to destroy the tunnels that Hamas & Qassam fighters were using.

Yet today, the Apartheid-Israeli government forces withdrew all of their forces, tanks, and land soldiers for the Gaza Strip.  In fact, Apartheid-Israeli forces have only withdrawn to the “so-called”  “BUFFER-ZONE”. Agreeing to a 72-Hour cease-fire.   And these Apartheid-Israeli government have not agreed to open any border between Gaza-Strip & Occupied-Palestine, (now named the State of Israel);  nor to lift the siege against the Gaza Strip.

Currently, and as of 5:15pm Gaza-Strip, Occupied Palestine time, & around, 9:45am USA-Detroit, MI. time; the cease-fire is holding.  We cautiously say all Praise is due to ALLAHUL HAMEED, AL HAM DU LIL LA HI RABBIL AL AMEEN.  AL HAMEED.

Thus far, there have been over 1, 875 Palestinian civilians bodies retrieved from the rubble of the destruction by the Apartheid-Israel soldiers.  And about 1,950 injuries of the Palestinians.

There are no Running water, or Electricity in The Gaza Strip and during the 72-Hour cease-fire, there are Palestinian repair-workers trying to fix these utilities.  While the Palestinian people are using generators and other means of fuel to carry out daily activities.

Apartheid-Israeli government said that they had achieved their goals of destroying the cross-border tunnels and that they had weakened the forces of Hamas.

Yet the Hamas leadership, as well as other Official Palestinian forces states that there has been a total failure of the Israeli forces. Calling what happened in Palestine a victory for Palestine resistance

This is what we know and are aware of as of 5:45pm Occupied Palestine time & 10:15am DET. MI. time




With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du

… Today is the 25th day of the “WAR ON GAZA” and the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine people, by Apartheid-Israel.

It is Friday Jumuah in Occupied-Palestine,   and at 9:50am Palestine time & 2:20am in USA-Det, MI time.

The cease-fire is currently holding…, Israeli government continues to state that …”they are targeting with pinpoint accuracy, all targets in GAZA Strip, Palestine.  Yet most bombardments are killing and murdering Palestinian civilians.  With a part of the agreement being that Apartheid-Israel to stay at their current position and not to fire any more targets to the GAZA Strip.  Occupied Palestine.

Although Hamas has not agreed to this specific issue, both parties stated they would abide by the ceasefire agreement, Hamas taking into consideration the current situation and conditions of the Palestinian citizens, they agreed to the ceasefire.  After the beginning of the ceasefire, Apartheid-Israeli snipers patrolling at the outskirts of the Occupied Palestinian borders, they fired on Palestinian civilians and killed two civilians.  Which brings the total Palestinian deaths, killings and murders by Apartheid –Israel, to 1,460; Apartheid-Israeli government has only admitted to 61 of their soldiers being killed by Hamas and others.

Around 9:55am Occupied Palestine time; Friday August 1, 2014, Israeli tanks began shelling eastern Rafah in Gaza Strip despite ceasefire. We await the reaction to such violations of the current ceasefire,

What will be the Hamas reactions to this shelling of the eastern portions of the township of Rafah, Palestine?

These are the very latest happenings as we know them and that we are aware of more to come, In Sha ALLAH.  Al Muntaqeem-Ad Darr.


OCCUPIED PALESTINE An Open massacare-Israeli murder

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du
… Let us continue with what has recently happened during the ending of the 18 day of the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine. In London they protest against the onslaught of bombardment against the Palestinians. Thousands of the protesters continue to protest against this onslaught of bombs against the Great Palestinian people. Attack after attack goes on and on. In London the people feel that they cannot go on much longer with these kinds of actions against the Palestine. Hamas rockets have failed to stop the bombs against the lands of Palestine. Yet they fight on. …is the intifada’ at hand, is it also eminent as of this day, this date-7/26/2014.
…the American media out lets are broadcasting a one sided view of just what is really going on in the occupied lands. For the most part it was the ABC news outlet; when they broadcast to the world, images of GAZA-PALESTINE but stated to the public that what was being seen was that of the images from Israeli home lands. Later on and with much public out cries and complaints against this miss-information, the ABC News broadcasts stations made the apology to the public about miss leading broadcasts-and information.

And again, to the least of it all, concerning the portrayal of what is being broadcast about the fair and real picture of ‘REAL GAZA” it appears to be, and in stating it more realistically, what is actually going on in the Occupied territories; well, it is that most of the other ‘western-media’ sources are deliberately broadcasting misinformation about the real happening in the Occupied Palestine territories; and this is to say the least, with emphasis on the word least.

We have now entered the 19th day of the bombardment of the Occupied Land of Palestine. For there is now 3:00am in the USA-Michigan area, and 8 hours ahead of that is around 11:30am. There are over 1,050 Muslims that have been murdered by the Israeli armed forces. And over 6,000 Muslims have been injured. Israel said that a 24 hour cease fire will be continued.

…”There will be No cessation of rockets or cease-firing without the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the lifting of the siege and or blockaide upon the Occupied Land of Palestine-stated Hamas Leadership”.

…Israel said that only 43 of its soldiers have been killed by Hamas; yet Hamas states that it is much more than that. Stating further that, it is more likely over 90 Israeli troops that have been killed thus far.

…Again, at or around 11:45am on Sunday morning, Israel announced that…”they will be resuming the attacks on GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine, by land, sea, and air”-. Momentarily after that there were two large explosions according to Press TV correspondent: Akram el Satarri reporting in the Gaza Occupied territories. The correspondent said that …”as he was reporting, the first 2 explosions, 4 additional explosions were heard, then he (the correspondent said) …”there goes the 7th one”. This was being reported by Press TV News Channel. It appears that the targets were indiscriminant bombings. Although, Israel said that “they were only targeting the tunnels in the GAZA Strip” Occupied Palestine;

We remind you that the citizens of Palestine have not and have never accepted this gross attack upon their lands. Additionally, that Israel arrested many Hamas leaders just before the start of the invasion of Palestine’s GAZA Strip. Israel said that the reason why they first entered GAZA Strip is that the three Israeli youth that had been captured or kidnapped by Hamas. This was never shown to be true nor proven with any evidence to be true. And actually, later in the week, around four or five days after the continued bombs fell upon the Palestian citizens in The GAZA Strip, by the Israeli Armed forces. It then was proven that several Israeli extremist-youth, were and/or had been arrested and had confessed to the kidnapping of the three youth and had killed them. But the attacks have not stopped yet against the GAZA Strip. Over 1050 Palestinian citizens have been murdered by Israeli forces as of 3:30am-USA Michigan time & around 12:00pm Occupied Palestine time.

It is seen currently and understood thoroughly, that the following is true:

• Egypt is continuing to keep closed the border crossings between Egypt and Occupied Palestine and the government of Egypt continues to state that the Hamas leadership is a terrorist organization.
• F-16 fighter Jets are being used to bomb Occupied Palestine, and France & American made bombs are being used to bomb the GAZA Strip.
• The read siege upon the Occupied Palestinian Land of the GAZA Strip was actually started and or began around 8-years ago
• The majority of the homes that have been targeted by Israeli Armed forces were those of the civilian population, with many of the Hamas’s leadership homes being targeted and bombed.
• The rockets of the Hamas mujahedeen are hitting deep into the cities of Israel. With the latest one striking in the Israeli township of: Eshkol, yet with no reported casualties.
• According to Islamic University of GAZA Hani al Basoos: states the following “The Arab league is not taking any actions against these attacks by the Israeli Armed forces. Further, that the “only thing that the Israeli government understand is force, by force.”
• According to a report from Belfast, by Middle East Expert Saeb Shaath: “the backbone Military expert of the Israeli Armed forces has had his back broken by the Palestinian resistance”…and he further believes that Saudi Arabia is assisting Egypt and the United Arab emirates, (Qatar) in the war against Occupied Palestine, this being done by proxy.
• As of the 20 day of the Israeli attacks on GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine, that there are around 100 Israeli soldiers in the hospital with injuries.
• Rodney Shakespeare -professor of economics from London states “that the Israeli government in specific and the people of Zionist’ in general, feel that the Palestinians are less than human, and thus they, (Israeli government & the people of Zionist entity), feel it justified to kill and torture them, (the Palestinians), and kill them at random as is currently going on today in the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine”.

…this is the information that we have on the scenes of the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine as of: 1:30 pm with 1,053 Palestinian citizens dead from the murdering Israeli occupiers, in The Great Land of Occupied Palestine. More to come in the coming days, In Sha ALLAH The Most High.

Editor: IMT-maa/Det. MI.

The Muslim Rights…Like your right to Do what ever

With The Name ALLAH The Extremely Gracious The Excessively Merciful There is no Thing more worthy of being worshipped, Except ALLAH Only.  Muhammad, sas, To whom The Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the Last Prophet and Messenger of ALLAH, ameen.

…ammah ba’ad…it is not without caution that we offer our sincere prayers to those of the Palestinian people who have been killed by the Taughut System of kufr, (from among the so-called “Allied forces“), May ALLAHUL MUNTAQEEM, Bless those of Gaza Territory, (that have been murdered by kafirs, as well as the munaafikeen-in the area), to be at Peace and be entered into Paradise, ameen.

Too often have those to whom have the ability as well as the power,  to stop aggression in the area of the Gaza Territories, (occupied Palestine), yet stand by and act with “eyes wide shut”.  They, (being the so-called “allied forces”), having the ability-with their political influences and artificial hand-shaking, in rooms filled with hidden bribery and plastic laughter. You know how it works, you do this for me and I’ll do something for you-we scratch each other’s back-you know.

Financial stability pours into Occupied Palestine, now called “Israel”. And it is the so-called allied forces that control those purse strings.  Stop the flow of cash into Occupied Palestine, now called “Israel”, and see what happens and who is the first to say “you done it”-or that this was not the right direction to take”.  See how fast the phone rings in the Oval office.   Which is one of the so-called “powers-that-be”, among the so-called “allied forces”.  They have the power to put a stop to this aggression in the Gaza Territories, by the halting of the proverbial “theater of operations” ping-pong game, being played on a chess-board populated with the lives of human-beings.  Refreshments being served up by great companies such as the various nightly talk-shows and commentary views from any given news network; which could very well be cast as ‘peanut galleries’.  Is it a fix of imagination that the Big House was re-captured and with simultaneous precision, you began your bombing operations in the Gaza Territories.  And then, with no mention of guilt for the blatant murdering of civilians in the area,  you have the audacious audacity to require the Muslims to ease up. Wherefore art thou making a judgement in this affair-be it upon the defenseless Nation-state of Occupied-Palestine.  Now called “Israel”.  A people with no gun-ships, and no F-16 jets. And with no hawked helicopters-standing in the skies over the Gaza shooting at will, with minds of emptiness, waiting to go home to their own families.  Westerners have a saying: “you can take the Salem out of the country but!! – you can’t take the country out of Saalem”.  Be that as it may, You can kill as many of the Muslims in the Gaza as you can, But!! You can’t kill the Al Islam in the Muslims.

Many of those Muslims are patiently living in the Gaza Territories, and you will never be able to destroy all of them.  All of their will, all of their hopes, all of their belief in a better future. All of their will to live and be free.  Free to choose their own destiny and way of living. Will to choose their own leaders and land to live in. Their will not to fear anyone or any nation that makes it a system of normal life-to be the aggressive against these people.  So keep on bombing them into oblivion.  And holding back the very life-giving stability of food, shelter and health care for their sick.  Let us see then the anger that you generate upon yourselves.  Let us see just what will happen to you, as a so-called “power-that-be”.  A power that has the ability to put a stop to all this killing in the Gaza Territories.  Yet you show not mercy or “cheek turning” as your holy book states.

If there was a demigod in modern world for all to see-just take a long look at the system of aggression being played out and forced into the people in the land of Occupied Palestine now called “Israel”.   Again, …”the easiest way to get a lie believed in-is to tell it and act it out in front of all of the people for all to see, in plain sight…”.

Taking a bite out of that to which is not Politically accepted, Yet Islamically correct-from the Shariah

The excerpts below are being reprinted from a blog. page that dealt with the laws of Shariah and was commented on by Wajahat Ali who is an employee for the “ThinkProgress” organization;  and Mathew Duss works as a National Security Editor at American Progress organization. Both of these men had written at least one article in the Message International Magazine. And wrote comments about the Islamic Shariah Law.  The statements below are in rebuttal form to the both of them concerning their comments on Shariah=Islamic Law in Muslim thought, offered up by them in the blog page for Message International together with an article Named: “Understanding Shariah Law”.

…”The qualifications for the introduction of these words to your “mind’s eye” is the Glorious Qur’an in and of itself.  Not withstanding the words and commentaries of great scholars like Imam Jarir Tabari, and Ibn Kathir, Not to mention the Great Qur’an commentator: Abdullah Ibn Abbass, ra.  All of which have stated in their commentaries of the Qur’an; that the verses that are in the chapter named Taubah or repentance,  Chapter Nine in the Glorious Qur’an, mansukh or aborgate verses that were revealed in Mecca at an earlier period.  Again, all of them have said that those verses that explain the position of anyone who fails to judge by the laws of what ALLAHUL ALEEM and HIS Prophet Muhammad, sas, have brought, are no more than wrongdoers, rebelling people and Kafirs, as  stated in Chapter five Ma’idah; that these verses apply to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.   Furthermore, that people who are in that position of blaim, are not to be looked at or listened to for guidance in Al Islam.  No matter how much they are loved by the poor masses of miss-educated Muslims the world over.  ALLAHUL ALEEM Has revealed to HIS Prophet Muhammad, sas, that ALLAHUL AR RAHMAAN Has made the Glorious Qur’an easy to remember and easy to understand…this to all those whom “give it a try”,  and have the qualifications of  “good intentions”.   And none shall have good intentions except that ALLAHUL ALEEM Grants such action to that person or any group of persons small or large.  And what you are reading now and in this document, is indeed from my book of deeds in the sight of THE ONE That is MOST POTENT IN HIS AWARENESS OF ALL THINGS seen and unseen.  Remember my so-called” brother in Islam, that the bird that dipped its beak into the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, or any other Proverbial-Ocean; still has room for your sequestered qualifications, and the degree you may have attained from less than genuine sources, and also that bird’s beak still has room for any miss-information, (in the form of a book), that you may have written.

If we were to place all of those things that you have requested of us upon the scales of “weighty knowledge”, the scales of …”covering truth with falsehood”, and the scales of ..”saying that which you do not do-yourself”,  Just where would you and those whom support your view, where would the stance of people be.  And we end here with the words of our Prophet Muhammad, sas, when he said …”there is goodness in the differences of opinion in my Ummah”… .  If you believe that chapter Nine of the Glorious Qur’an does not mansukh or abrogate any other chapter in the Glorious Qur’an when dealing and announcing a “law-statement”, Please read Imam Abu Ja’far Muhammad bin Jarir al Tabari Jami Al Baayan Tafsir of Qur’an, Chapter Nine-Named Taubah,  or are you saying that what Imam Tabari says about how many of the verses of Chapter Nine of The Glorious Qur’an, mansukhs any other Chapter that says do something different or commands doing an action less than what is stated in Chapter Nine-Taubah. It appears that Ibn Kathir also agrees with Imam Tabari, as does both great scholars are common straight with the interpretations of the Great companion of Prophet Muhammad, sas, Abdullah Ibn Abbass, ra. For you must recall that it was this companion, Abdullah Ibn Abbass, ra, that the Prophet Muhammad, sas, placed his hand upon Ibn Abbass chest and made the du’a to ALLAHUL ALEEM, O ALLAH, Bless Abdullah Ibn Abbass, ra, with the understanding of Deen. So whom and who are you and yours, to question and place question before these qualified personalities in Al Islam?

We began to now wonder about the qualifications of those to whom are questioning our words concerning Imam Tabari and personalities like Ibn Kathir and Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Abbass, ra.  Just what are you people, (who call yourselves “Muslims”), trying to cover up? and to what extent are you using the Politically correct media as your tools of cover.

What goes here, my dear sir, if I may ask?  And now am asking you, as The Most Gracious One asks you, …”how are you judging”… and what references are you using to make your assessments?

Taubah The Ninth Chapter of The Glorious Qur’an verse two & three

Taubah the Ninth Chapter of The Glorious Qur’an Verse two:

Fa see hu fil ardi ar bata ash huri wa ‘aa lamu an na kum ghai ru mu’ghi zil lahi”… (ila aakhira tul ayah two).

This Verse, when it was revealed to Muhammad, sas, it allowed a mercy to be enacted upon these people and  has given them, ( the Kafirs, disbelievers and Mushrikeen and polytheist, and idolaters), a period of four months’ time to do as they please while carrying out their day-to-day business in and around that land and area.  Treachery and confusion, plotting against their agreements with Prophet Muhammad, sas, deliberately taking actions that displayed their ability not to be trusted by New Muslim community were the norm during this 9th year A.H. These Qureshi people and Arabized jews, (polytheist, idolaters, Mushrikeen, Kafirs and disbeliever), were additionally told that they would not be able to frustrate and prevent the punishments of The Creator of all of the Heavens and the Earth.

“Wa athaa nu min Al lahi wa rasu li hi ilan naasi yawmal hajjil akabari”… (ila aakhira tul ayah three & four). The Hajj was then and is now, (currently in the twenty-first century), a place and time of gathering of many people from around the world. Coming to pay tribute to The Creator of all Things.  Both those of nobility and the common man would come to the place of Hajj, and bring with them idols and taghuti or statutes to be placed in the Kaaba.

This verse or ayah is a powerful warning and announcement to the Mushrikeen, Telling the Prophet Muhammad, sas, to make announcement to the Mushrikeen of the region, (those who were attempting to make hajj and were at the hajj site, that none of them would be allowed to make the hajj after this year if they were not Muslim, and that they could not be allowed to perform the hajj in the nude of their bodies any more.   That the treaties made and agreed to with Prophet Muhammad, sas, would be fulfilled to their end-as long as these treaties had not been violated in their agreed upon conditions between Muhammad, sas, and the Mushriks. Additionally, with those treaties, that there was no help given to the enemies of Muhammad, sas, by those whom had agreed to the treaties.

It was known that the Polytheist were used to doing all kinds of actions or rituals at the Kaaba site believing that these actions or rituals would enter them or help to enter them into the Paradise, or Heaven and/or get them closer to the Creator.  Yet this verse of the chapter Baraa’ah, (the Chapter nine named Taubah in the Glorious Qur’an), told the Mushrikeen that they would not be allowed to enter the Paradise as long as they continued to be Mushrikeen, (any people who believed in many deities as being the Creator of all. And did not believe that the Creator is only One Creator of all things), they would not enter Paradise.

The Mushrikeen were being told to repent to The Creator of all of the Heavens and Earth, for that would be the best thing for these polytheist to do, then and now in the twenty-first century.  Again, if they, the Mushrikeen, did not repent, it was not going to prevent the punishments of ALLAHUL MUNTAQEEM AD DARR, from surrounding them and that the punishment for remaining stubborn would not be abated or put off, for the Will of The Creator of all things must be carried out.  And again fulfill those treaties of them you have treaties with to the end of their terms, O Muhammad, sas, and surely ALLAHUL ALEEM Loves those who have regard for HIM.

To be continued In Sha ALLAH