With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du

… On the 22ND day of the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine people.     And as of 7:05p Occupied-Palestine time & 11:35: am USA-Det, Michigan time.  The Israeli government announced to the public Media in Israel or Occupied Palestine that …”we have reached our goals in the GAZA Strip; and that Israeli forces have two choices on the table for consideration”…

…”One. Is that Israeli forces withdraw from the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine, or

…”two that Israeli force continue to further invade GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine.  According to the reporting journalist in the GAZA-Strip, ”we are awaiting B>N>Yahoo’s “position in these choices.

Further that all Israeli parties have agreed to a cease-fire.

But not Hamah, Qassam, Fattah and Palestinian Authority no such cease-fire have been agreed to as of this writing.

Speaking from Cairo, Egypt; Hazim Salah said …”that the Egyptian government position has always been pro-Israeli”….

Palestinian Journalist Khalid Amayieh Said …”Hamas fighters have not been defeated and have come out the winners in this war”….

Qatari officials said Israeli government does not even want peace”….

This is the latest that we are aware of we will report more when we have more, In Sha ALLAH, THE MOST MERCIFUL




With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, sas, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du

… Let us continue with what has recently happened during the ending of the 22ND day of the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine people.    The current total casualties and murders of the citizens of Palestinian people are over 1,200 people and over 6,200 Palestine injuries as of 5:00p Palestine time & 9:30am USA-Det, Michigan time.

On Monday July 28, 2014; United States- National Security Advisor: Susan Rice  announced that US Government would continue to support the Israeli government with the weapons system named “Iron Dome”. Additionally that the United States would continue to keep the Iron Dome system supplied with more missiles to replenish those used against the GAZA Strip, Occupied Palestine.

Israeli Prime Minister “B. N. Yahoo’, stated that they will increase their bombardments against the occupied territories of Palestine.  Stating further that they are ready for a prolonged engagement against Palestine.

Brazil’s President stated that this Israeli bomb strikes against the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine is no more than a slaughter against these people and she condemned the actions.

Egyptian government continues to keep the only border crossing between Egypt and Occupied Palestine-to keep it closed.  WE NOTE HERE AND NOW, THAT THESE ACTIONS OF CURRENT EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF HIS DOWNFALL FROM LEADERSHIP OF EGYPT, In Sha ALLAH-AL MUNTAQEEM-THE AVENGING

In Berkeley, California; Paul Laiudee: of The Free Palestine Movement calls the attacks against Occupied Palestine, to be no more than Ethnic Cleansing.

Rodney Martin: of Los Angeles, and Former US. Congressmen Staffer; said “ Palestine is fighting for their survival and rights.  Yet the American Media is only publicizing a bias view of what is going on in GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine.  Additionally, he warned USA leadership officials of the “pay-back” and just how severe it would be; if the USA government continues to go down this road of 100% support for the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians “.

Press TV offices were targeted and damaged on this date.

The Main Electric Plant that supplied electricity to over 80% of the GAZA Strip, in Palestine; was destroyed.  This will affect the Hospitals there.  For the Wafa hospital was destroyed and there is much damage to the Shifa Hospital. The Hospitals are basically dysfunctional  now the great majority of Occupied Palestine is without Electric Power, as of today’s date July 29, 2014.

There is no Eidul Fitr for Occupied Palestine-for the Palestinians of Occupied Palestine are calling the day of Eidul Fitr “the day of Eidul Shaheed”.

The latest words of The Hamas-Leadership, (that we are aware of), as well as the Foreign Minister of Iran states:  “…any ceasefire deal in GAZA-Strip should include lifting of the GAZA-siege” and continues to reject any unilateral cease fire.

The leader of the Iranian Islamic revolution- Ali Khamenei: said  “we must help and aid the People of Palestine”.

These are the latest happenings as we know them, more to come, In Sha ALLAH-The Most High

IMT Maa.

Bombbardments against The Occupied terrortories of Palestine Lands part II

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du
… Let us continue with what has recently happened during the ‘on-going’ 21st day of the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine. In Beirut Lebanon, it was stated by the USA envoy that any United Nations statements against the current conditions in GAZA Occupied Palestine & Occupied West bank, would have little effect, if any, upon the actions and conditions against the Palestinian people. The current total casualties and murders of the citizens of Palestinian people is over 1,043 citizens and over 6,200 Palestine injuries as of 1:45p Palestine time & 5:18am USA-Michigan time.
The majority of the Palestine citizens are not celebrating the Eidul Fitr-Muslim Holiday this year, due to the excessive loss of life in the GAZA Palestine areas. While Israeli government has acknowledged responsibility for the bombing of a UN school in GAZA, Palestine; stating a denial of casualties.
Israel continues to launch bombing against GAZA, Palestine, stating that “they have no intention of stopping their invasion”. Yet and still, The Hamas-Leadership, as well as the Foreign Minister of Iran states: “…any ceasefire deal in GAZA should include lifting of the GAZA-siege”.
• We can see the following current conditions exist in Palestine: 1.2 million GAZA Citizens are suffering from disrupted water supply in GAZA, Palestine.
• Australians, Canadians, and Pro Palestinian protests in Paris are holding rallies calling for the end of the Israeli invasion in Palestine today Monday, July 28, 2014.
• Hamas thanks Iran after Iranian official: Rouhani, thanks Iran for its help to the Palestine people.
• Qassam Brigades-fighters clash with Israeli special forces and kill 2 Israeli soldiers in Jebaliya-south of GAZA Strip.
• Riyad Mansour says that fundamental changes are needed and should have been adopted al long time ago.
• Hamas leadership slams Saudi Arabia fro not speaking out against the Israeli offensive against the Palestine Nation.
These are among the latest happenings in the Occupied Territories of-GAZA Palestine. More to come, In Sha ALLAH THE MORE GRACIOUS


OCCUPIED PALESTINE An Open massacare-Israeli murder

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du
… Let us continue with what has recently happened during the ending of the 18 day of the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine. In London they protest against the onslaught of bombardment against the Palestinians. Thousands of the protesters continue to protest against this onslaught of bombs against the Great Palestinian people. Attack after attack goes on and on. In London the people feel that they cannot go on much longer with these kinds of actions against the Palestine. Hamas rockets have failed to stop the bombs against the lands of Palestine. Yet they fight on. …is the intifada’ at hand, is it also eminent as of this day, this date-7/26/2014.
…the American media out lets are broadcasting a one sided view of just what is really going on in the occupied lands. For the most part it was the ABC news outlet; when they broadcast to the world, images of GAZA-PALESTINE but stated to the public that what was being seen was that of the images from Israeli home lands. Later on and with much public out cries and complaints against this miss-information, the ABC News broadcasts stations made the apology to the public about miss leading broadcasts-and information.

And again, to the least of it all, concerning the portrayal of what is being broadcast about the fair and real picture of ‘REAL GAZA” it appears to be, and in stating it more realistically, what is actually going on in the Occupied territories; well, it is that most of the other ‘western-media’ sources are deliberately broadcasting misinformation about the real happening in the Occupied Palestine territories; and this is to say the least, with emphasis on the word least.

We have now entered the 19th day of the bombardment of the Occupied Land of Palestine. For there is now 3:00am in the USA-Michigan area, and 8 hours ahead of that is around 11:30am. There are over 1,050 Muslims that have been murdered by the Israeli armed forces. And over 6,000 Muslims have been injured. Israel said that a 24 hour cease fire will be continued.

…”There will be No cessation of rockets or cease-firing without the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the lifting of the siege and or blockaide upon the Occupied Land of Palestine-stated Hamas Leadership”.

…Israel said that only 43 of its soldiers have been killed by Hamas; yet Hamas states that it is much more than that. Stating further that, it is more likely over 90 Israeli troops that have been killed thus far.

…Again, at or around 11:45am on Sunday morning, Israel announced that…”they will be resuming the attacks on GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine, by land, sea, and air”-. Momentarily after that there were two large explosions according to Press TV correspondent: Akram el Satarri reporting in the Gaza Occupied territories. The correspondent said that …”as he was reporting, the first 2 explosions, 4 additional explosions were heard, then he (the correspondent said) …”there goes the 7th one”. This was being reported by Press TV News Channel. It appears that the targets were indiscriminant bombings. Although, Israel said that “they were only targeting the tunnels in the GAZA Strip” Occupied Palestine;

We remind you that the citizens of Palestine have not and have never accepted this gross attack upon their lands. Additionally, that Israel arrested many Hamas leaders just before the start of the invasion of Palestine’s GAZA Strip. Israel said that the reason why they first entered GAZA Strip is that the three Israeli youth that had been captured or kidnapped by Hamas. This was never shown to be true nor proven with any evidence to be true. And actually, later in the week, around four or five days after the continued bombs fell upon the Palestian citizens in The GAZA Strip, by the Israeli Armed forces. It then was proven that several Israeli extremist-youth, were and/or had been arrested and had confessed to the kidnapping of the three youth and had killed them. But the attacks have not stopped yet against the GAZA Strip. Over 1050 Palestinian citizens have been murdered by Israeli forces as of 3:30am-USA Michigan time & around 12:00pm Occupied Palestine time.

It is seen currently and understood thoroughly, that the following is true:

• Egypt is continuing to keep closed the border crossings between Egypt and Occupied Palestine and the government of Egypt continues to state that the Hamas leadership is a terrorist organization.
• F-16 fighter Jets are being used to bomb Occupied Palestine, and France & American made bombs are being used to bomb the GAZA Strip.
• The read siege upon the Occupied Palestinian Land of the GAZA Strip was actually started and or began around 8-years ago
• The majority of the homes that have been targeted by Israeli Armed forces were those of the civilian population, with many of the Hamas’s leadership homes being targeted and bombed.
• The rockets of the Hamas mujahedeen are hitting deep into the cities of Israel. With the latest one striking in the Israeli township of: Eshkol, yet with no reported casualties.
• According to Islamic University of GAZA Hani al Basoos: states the following “The Arab league is not taking any actions against these attacks by the Israeli Armed forces. Further, that the “only thing that the Israeli government understand is force, by force.”
• According to a report from Belfast, by Middle East Expert Saeb Shaath: “the backbone Military expert of the Israeli Armed forces has had his back broken by the Palestinian resistance”…and he further believes that Saudi Arabia is assisting Egypt and the United Arab emirates, (Qatar) in the war against Occupied Palestine, this being done by proxy.
• As of the 20 day of the Israeli attacks on GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine, that there are around 100 Israeli soldiers in the hospital with injuries.
• Rodney Shakespeare -professor of economics from London states “that the Israeli government in specific and the people of Zionist’ in general, feel that the Palestinians are less than human, and thus they, (Israeli government & the people of Zionist entity), feel it justified to kill and torture them, (the Palestinians), and kill them at random as is currently going on today in the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine”.

…this is the information that we have on the scenes of the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine as of: 1:30 pm with 1,053 Palestinian citizens dead from the murdering Israeli occupiers, in The Great Land of Occupied Palestine. More to come in the coming days, In Sha ALLAH The Most High.

Editor: IMT-maa/Det. MI.

is it really the extreme-ism you say, or it is what it is! The Commands of The Most Gracious ONE


With The Name ALLAH The Extremely Gracious The excessively Merciful; there is no thing more worthy of being worshiped except ALLAH ONLY, and Muhammad, sas, To whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the Messenger of ALLAH, The seal of all Prophet hood, Amen

…ammah ba’du,  a continued stream of bombings upon a people who can not respond, with the same; is that extreme-ism or what. A drone attack on Monday and a another drone attack on Thursday, in the same country and upon the same community, returning time after time to finish the planned murders, is that extreme-ism or what.  When you push your buttons, small and automatic, releasing mass-destructive terror against the innocent tears of wonder, the loud shouts of why, and the frustration of not being allowed to return to same to-do-unto-others-=as others-have-done -unto-you; is that extreme-ism or what.

…a one vote-approval to kill, a multiple vote to sanction the starvation of whole nations of people, and to approve a certain and specific status-quota; is that a extreme-ism or what.  The politically motivated commentaries that go along with a watered down version of Al Islam and the Laws that govern Al Islam-which allows “so-called” ministers, Imams, clergy, scholars and wise people, etc. to continue: living in this country, to continue with their leadership positions in the various communities, to pontificate on the words of THE ONE THAT IS THE MOST GRACIOUS AND THE MORE MERCIFUL, Which allows blind following of empty understandings of That Glorious Qur’an; is that extreme-ism or what.  The consistent,  year-after-year, placement of economic blockades over, and the financial blockades within most of the controllable commodities of exchange-just because u militarily don’t allow yourselves to be put in check, is that extreme-ism or what.

…the allowance of “so-called” respected Sunni clerics to have free-rein of air-time to spew their personal views about what other Muslims are doing with a view of the benefit to all western Nations that support colonialism., but dis-allowing the opposite view, is this extreme-ism or what.  It appears that, and has been painted with a brush of words, for all eyes to see and most ears to hear, making it plain that yes! you are in a war of words, ideas, and thought-patterns against, those who are trying to do the right thing.

There is a phrase that states that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  At this writing, we don’t know who it is that made that statement, yet extreme-ism is set up in the hand that has approved the ongoing drone-strikes. Extreme-ism is in the ponds-in-the-game that have been commanded to push the buttons that releases the missiles from those drones. Extreme-ism is in the eyes that see these criminal actions carried through against  innocent beings and having the power to prevent, does nothing to stop those actions.  Extreme-ism is seen in the “so-called” powers-that-be-phonemically equipped, with the ill-gotten tools of  correct admonitions, but sit frozen in their techno chambers of protection, like a normal Michigan-January-winter, …it is not that they do nothing, because they are breathing the oxygen of this Earth-so they are doing something.  Extreme-ism is in  the mind that knows what it is doing is wrong against human-kind, but being elected as heads of state  and office, do the unnatural thing against human beings’ countries’ that may have what they want, making them beg for “crumbs off the table” of:  finance, economic, political, social, and now military input.

Where does it really lay, EXTREME-ISM that is, those who hold the power of money printing presses at hand, from the signing of a flicked pen, and those who turn away from the wrongs of their equally powered, constituents, friends and associates, only to occasionally remind them of the latest fact-that you now owe me another favor-for we turned away from your wrong against your people, whom elected you to lead them, so now “scratch my back” and pay back the favor, when we call on you, in just a short while; we may need you in the re-election of myself or my ‘other’ persons, groups, etc. We may need you in an extra curricular activity-one that involves the sudden appearance of a few billion injected into the markets.  On and off of the wall streets of the world. We also may need you in the moral arens that have allowed me to do as i please, against human nature.  Those are among the extremisms on a very, very, very extreme height…

..until another time, and until we meet again,

IMT.Detroit, MI.

Turtore in the first degree: your-rights or HIS-commands

With The Name ALLAH The Extremely Gracious The Excessively Merciful, There in No Thing more worthy of being worshipped except ALLAH ONLY Muhammad, sas, to whom The Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the Seal of all Prophethood and the Messenger of ALLAH, AMEEN.
Should a Muslim be killed by another Muslim or not? And should one Muslim torture another Muslim or not. The questions are answered in Glorious Qur’an from the chapter named Maa’idah: verse-33. Also, answered in the chapter named Taubah: verse-27 in The Glorious Qur’an. You are either going to follow all of the Glorious Qur’an or you are following something other than The Command of ALLAHUL ALEEM.

There are amany of persons in The country of Egypt, that calls themselves “Muslim” yet follow a way other than is the Words of ONE MOST GRACIOUS-ALLAHU. The verses of these two Glorious Chapters contained in the Nobel Qur’an; they are most potent In their explanation of what is to be thought of concerning Muslim killing and the killing of Muslims. These verses contain directions for and the insight to follow, as concerns the actions that should, [must], be carried out against those who launch crimes against Muslims. These verses contain the knowledge that would carry you along a pathway to fair dealings and justice when dealing with such individuals who bring forward their crimes against those who are Muslims. You cannot have it in both directions; the direction of so-called “peace & love” like the artificial followers of Jesus The Christ, a.s., claiming to be at peace with their own communities, yet having a fist clinching rocks and stones. Ready to throw back at or in the back of the heads of their own people, this, not even before giving them a chance to walk or run away. They wanted to have the opportunity to carry out their misguided judgments against each other. But the shoe was being worn on their own feet-in simultaneous motion. Additionally, having the desire to carry out the ways of ONE MOST GRACIOUS-ALLAHU. Yet not possessing the back bone and candor to put forward The will of ALLAH.

Not able to enforce the rules that govern any crimes committed against ALLAHU HIS Will on or against Muslims. And not having enough authority to prosecute the authentic Sunnah of Muhammad, sas. But you want to pick up the first weapon in hand and with slogans of jihad in the path of ALLAHUL ALEEM upon the tongues. You march in the direction of misinformation, and poor judgments, uncalculated mishaps, misguidance and misplacement of intent. It appears that even your leadership is traveling, mentally and economically, in the direction from light of ALLAH to the pathway the shaiyateen. Surely, those who believe in ALLAHUL AHAD, Fight in the path of the pleasure of ALLAHUL ALEEM, & those who reject the rules, regulations, ordinances, signs, guidance, and direction given by ALLAHUL HADI, those individuals fight in the cause of the taghuti-systems upon this earth. And surely the fighting connecters, who are friends and associates, one to another and friends of Shaiyateen, surely those plans, systems, contrivances and schismatic ploys, they will not succeed nor be successful.

Here, we have a template of balance, a light that shines completely throughout the tunnel, that would show the way, of any actions taken against, or in support of, the circumstances that surround “torture in the first degree”. 61c61da5ece26ffc1a9a4318[1]

The formalities of being formal: props, diddles, adala’s & “^*)) #&*%”

With Te Name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL There is no Thing more worthy of being worshiped except ALLAHUL ALEEM and Muhammad, sas, to whom The Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the Messenger of ALLAH, The seal of all Prophet hood. Amen.

…amma ba’du, my dear  friends, As Salaamu Alaikum, and to those whom you have befriended and taken up as associates, also we greet with the greetings of peace with a continued hope, that you find and be guided towards the direction of goodness, that which opens a door, or many doors, to the submission of THE ONE WHO GUIDES TO Paradise.

I was watching the assembly of ministers and  cabinet members debate broadcast on Press TV.  My observations are a reflection of just what was seen in the general assembly therein of.   Most of those seated in the assembly room were dressed in European/western world decor, with about one third having on what is known as “emamah” head covering.  With a few dressed in the thoub-which is a garment that covers the body.   So let me get this straight, those demanding Islamic rule and direction are presenting themselves, (in the majority), as European and Western world presenters.  European suits and many of which had the dress-tie, around their necks.  Now you are sitting in an so-called Islamic assembly hall.  And you are addressing those whom are calling themselves Muslim. And you wish to get and receive the proper respect of Muslims, (the majority-that is).  But your very dress-in public is European and in Western world demeanor.  Additionally, you are in a so-called Muslim-majority country.  The world over is watching you, and you put on a display of formalism, even down to your very dress code as is currently being displayed by your very selves.  Be you so called “Shi’a” or “Sunni” still, your prophet Muhammad, sas, has said to you that if you emulate those people, (Kafirs, mushrikeen, polytheist, etc.), you are of them.  further that you should  be different from them.

Now look at how you are killing each other in Egypt, like the over 500 citizens, including the police and army personal, killed in the latest so called “crack-down” in Egypt.  And the bomb explosions killing over 16 citizens in Beirut Lebanon;  In the neighborhoods of Bir al Abed Zahiyeh neighborhoods. Where is it in ‘your’ Islam, that you are commanded to blow up other Muslims. Kill other Muslims and destroy other Muslims’ lives and livelihoods.  Where is your burhan, your adillah, your proofs for such actions, you who commit these actions.  Are you calling yourselves “Muslim” in the simultaneous cover up of your actions against innocent people.    This is no more than private interest at least, and vested interest at most.   Keeping the Muslim communities separate and in disarray.  And you wonder why it is that those who are the real enemies of Al Islam, are free to do as they please in Muslim’s lives, Muslim’s communities and in Muslim Countries.  You, (who have committed these evil actions), are accountable for what your hands and feet do.  You spend your time and efforts to destroy the Muslims.  But your plans and actions are of no avail to stop the progressive advancement of The Light of Al Islam to keep on growing, greater and greater to the benefit of the Ummah of Muhammad, sas.

A word or a few concerning the unity of the Muslims and the unity of collective thought, a unified effort and resolve to act with knowledge and intelligence when answering in the face of the enemy.  We remind those whom have fear of  ALLAHUL MUNTAQEEM, And those whom have knowledge of ALLAHUL AD DARR, That your LORD, RABBIL AL AMIN, Has said in the Glorious Qur’an, …”when a fight is between two contending parties and two contending groups, and two contending nations, (Muslim Nations), …”let a another Muslim party, group or nation band together and make peace between your two contending parties.  …”further that if one party refuses to make peace and come to common terms as is the terms of the Glorious Qur’an, …”then the majority of the Muslims should stand against that non conforming  party until they come back to the way of ALLAUL ALEEM”.

Are you telling me, and us, that there are no right-minded, right-thinking Muslims who would encourage and propagate the sound thinking of the Glorious Qur’an.  Found in Chapter 49-The Inter Apartments-The Hujirat.  Are the so-called Muslim scholars, Emamat, and Muslim thinkers,  keeping their heads as birds in sand, below the median of public review, public inspection.  Only surfacing when the dust and smoke of carnage in the human death toll has dissipated.  Here again, is the face of the pseudo claim,at best-false claim at most, of those who would call them selves Muslims. A false claim in the sense of your actions speaking louder than your words placed in public view, for public opinion.   You are not Muslim in any minute stretch of meaning of this term that ALLAHUL ALEEM Has named those who follow the Glorious Qur’an.    Then this audacious statement that you assert, over and over that you are the notorious “al qai’dah”.   Or that you are the infamous “Hizbullah”.    You are not fooling the minds of the Millions of Muslims world over.  We see you and know you by your mark of actions.   Blame whom soever you choose, we see you Te Most Gracious see you too;  and your plan must ultimately fail and fall to naught.