TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB Time to kill again with a unified effort are post from September 24th 2014

With The Name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, There is no thing More worthy of being worshipped except ALLAH ONLY, And Muhammad, sas, to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the seal of all prophet hood, The Prophet of ALLAH, Amen.

ammah ba’du…

due to the coming of the event of the century, and the last century…that being the period of time that the “911-saga” started and still continues on…on in the minds of the masses of the people…on “on TV” public and private, paid and free-TV.  With and without the lies that are told…over and over and again and again.  Will there be light of day.  Indeed yes.  For every great-nation has fallen in the past.  And surely it is that history repeats itself…be that as it may…is there a FALSE FLAG Situation in the making.  or is this the real thing.  ‘Youknow’ The coming of the Red Moon-for the third time this year-2015; and the period of time that covers the Yum-Ki pper, an major day of celebration for our Jewish people.  Plus, it is the concluding periods of time for the current administration in the W. house.  There are many other things that are coming into play and are coming to be. in this year alone.  So we decided to reprint these words in commemoration of the “911-saga”2001.

…Will John Bannier call for limits on the bombing in Iraq and Syria, or just continue to sip on alcoholic drinks of choice at his favorite vacation spot.  For the ball is clearly in his corner.

Today it is ISIL & ISIS, yesterday it was Al Qaidah, and the Taliban, and a few years before that it was the 911-saga of September 2001.  When does it stop for the American congress and houses of representatives.  Are these “so-called” elected people, elected by the American Populous, just doing just as they please.  With no sense of accountability, no reflections of concern for the public and private lives of other nations and the human beings that live in those nations.

Can we, as American people, American Citizens, American Public; just stand mute, …with “eyes wide shut” so to speak.  Allowing the free for all-bombs to drop upon innocent lives in other countries.  Bombing ON & ON & ON As we please.  Or maybe it should be stated …”as they please”. What goes there!

Have we, As Americans, Not got it yet, have we not come to the conclusion yet, that the masses of Arabic Nations, Arabic speaking people in those nations, and Arabic citizens, they just don’t want us in their lands.  They, these Middle-Eastern Nationals, Really, Really, Really don’t want us in their countries, in their businesses, in their public and private affairs.  They, these Middle-Eastern Nations, don’t want us , as Americans, in their lands; they want us O.U.T.  Notwithstanding the Muslims that are in the majority of many of the lands that the “so-called” coalition forces are attacking-year after year, It’s like the Americanized-jew, in the sense that the Zionist government of Occupied-Palestine, now named Apartheid-Israel Bombs the Palestinian citizen regularly and at will on any given day.  And the “so-called” allied forces, and Unified-coalitions start wars and destroy other nations at will in any given year. They both seem to be the same, i don’t know which is worst.

Have this “so-called” unified coalitions killed enough, invaded enough, toppled enough, destroyed enough; etc., etc., etc.; when and where does it end.

Can the right-minded and clear thinking people of the earth, offer you a cup of coffee or a tobacco stick to smoke; Maybe this will slow you down from killing other Nations, for it takes time to drink a cup of coffee, and to take a smoke break.  A possible relief from being destroyed for other sovereign nations…their properties and lands being reduced to rubble.  Their financial stability being wiped off the books of black ink.  And re-written to the destruction of red ink.  May be if you schedule a game of your favorite sport to be watched on media or attended in person.  Then you would possibly forget to pull the trigger-push the botton-toggle the switch or move the joyce-handle…that would release instruments of mayhem, an inevitable event, a full metal jacket, a second to death, or the pain of not being dead.  Why don’t you invite yourselves to a night out for dinner or just a little snack crumpits and tea, then maybe, just maybe-you would fall asleep-forgetting to drop the thousands of tons of bombs upon innocent nations, and the citizens of those nations who have not defense against you.

…Will this “KILL HUNGRY” Nation-America, just go and take a shower or relax in a hot bath…it may possibly calm you down from making deadly decisions together with their implementations that would become the key causes of the countless human lives being destroyed.  And unco-operative Nations or governments, falling without valid reasons.

O’you American-Forces, you Allied-Forces, you Unified coalitions, will you just take a break from killing so many innocent human lives.  Can-not you still “take time to smell the rose”!

And to the so-called Muslims in America and in the world, for the Glorious Qur’an is a book for all times… and does state that …”those who fail to judge by what ALLAHUL ALEEM Has revealed, they are no more than wrongdoers, sinners and rejecters of faith-Kafir. Chapter 5-verses 42-47


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