72-HOUR cease-fire Ends in Occupied Palestine-Bombing continues

…amma’ ba’du

…this is what we know at the end of the 72-Hour cease-fire between the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian resistance fighters.  On Friday Morning August 8, 2014 the Apartheid-Israeli forces clashed with protesters in the West Bank,  and Kidnapping and or arresting 11 civilians.  Additionally, the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers have resumed their bombings in targeting Occupied Palestine-The GAZA Strip.

The Only super Power in the Mideast is Apartheid-Israel and they are being backed by USA Congress with a 100% in agreement vote to continue assisting the Apartheid-Israel forces. The USA Congress, recently voted 94-votes in support and zero votes against.  The vote is to send additional reinforcements to the Apartheid-Israeli government’s “IRON-DOME” Weapons system.

This system is the main blocker of the rockets being fired by the Hamas fighters and various other Palestinian resistance fighters in Occupied-Palestine.

The Grand-Mufti of Saudi Arabia, has issued a Fatawa-(which is a [so-called] Islamic-ruling), against the protesting in support of Occupied-Palestine.  We NOTE here and now: that it is, and we believe, that due to the fact that this Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, being on the payroll of the Saudi Government; then it is and would continue to be, in that Grand Mufti’s best interest, to continue to say just what the Saudi Government requires him to say, and continue to say…, …thus, this Grand Mufti was only instructed by the Saudi Government to give such a False and misleading statements, against protesting to support the Occupied Palestine cause.

We are informed that all Occupied-Palestinian resistance forces, including Hamas & the Qassam-Brigades, have agreed to not renew any cease-fire agreements between Occupied-Palestine and Apartheid-Israeli forces.  This is due to the fact of the matter being that Apartheid-Israel had stated, (as late as: Friday 8/8/2014), that they would not lift any siege on Occupied Palestine.

Also, as of the same date: we, The Muslims of the western world, have not heard of any viable call and “so-called” Muslim nation calling for or  making any demands-that-have-substance, that would call for the immediate cease-fire and lifting of the siege against Occupied-Palestine. You , IF YOU ARE Muslim, would first ask yourself why is this, and then knowing that it is for the reason that most of the so-called Muslim-nations are currently being controlled by, to the most –Murtadeen governments, and to the least-by mere kufar, you be the observer-the investigator…

More to come, In Sha ALLAH



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