72 Hour cease fire against Occupied Palestine will it hold or NO! part II

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du


…There is a short-term small talk and long-term hog-wash being presented by the Obama administration… it is being restate over and over again upon the Public media, and to the poorer masses of people, People who don’t know what is really going on in Occupied Palestine’ or those whom, for the most part, don’t even care about the current conditions in the Gaza-Strip.

Noam Chomsky, Of: Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that “if Hamas doesn’t accept the cease-fire agreement after today’s date, (which is the day that the current ceasefire ends), then Israeli government would have to make the same rhetorical words they have made throughout the siege of Occupied Palestine”.

Henry Sieman: Former Head of American Jewish Congress, said on Wednesday August 7, 2014, that …”the current conditions existing in the Gaza-Strip, Palestine is disastrous”… , …that, ”yes Israel has the right to defend itself, yet no Country or people would accept the conditions that the Palestinians or Gaza-ians are in”…, … could Not Israel have ended  the violence by ending the Occupation of Palestine, that it is utter nonsense to say that Israel has ended the siege of Gaza-Palestine”.

It appears and is seen that the following is so-true: …that the Apartheid-Israeli-government is showing it’s metamorphic  “mind’s eye”, in the structure of how it thinks when dealing and confronting the Great people of Occupied-Palestine. This Apartheid-Israel has not shown and is not currently showing,  “human-being” thinking. Yet clearly, and without shame, and condemnation, they present thoughts of a devil or jinn type of intelligence. Wherein which,  it is also seen also, that just to see and/ or the thought of seeing goodness in some other race of people, or group of people or individuals, is abhorring to them.

So these Apartheid-Israeli individuals carry out a policy-agreed upon and in action for all eyes to see.  “In fact”, the actions of real live monsters in their everyday conduction of business or business as usual

And what nation, in its current state of power or faulted state of being, is able to do anything that has any substance to its effect, I mean that effect that would go beyond the repeated rhetorical words of public view and media watch. But have no real effect upon the necessary changes that are needed now, in Occupied Palestine.  The so-called leaders, of the “so-called” Allied forces, the “so-called” United  Nations”, the “so-called” western-powers, and the “so-called” European-allies are Having a ‘ “JAMES BROWN MOMENT, (regularly),   IN THAT THEY ARE TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING” ‘ .

They have a multiplied vested interest, political interest, economic interest, and “mass-Public” interest that is procured every day, every hour and every minute of the day.

Apartheid Israeli government has declared the Gaza territories as “enemy territories” which allows Apartheid Israel to avoid any pay-outs to the Palestinian people, citizens.

For now, we end here with these words: …that it is ALLAHUL HASIB That has the best execution of plans that are carried out every day, at all times…

More to come, In Sha ALLAH



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