72-HOUR CEASE FIRE: WILL IT HOLD OR NO! against Occupied Palestine-Pt. I

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du

…There have been 29-days of continuous BOMBARDMENT against the GAZA-Strip-The Occupied Palestine; by the Apartheid-Israeli government forces. By Land with MI-tanks, and by sea with war ships and the Lands of Occupied-Palestine were fired upon from the air with the Apartheid-Israeli F-16 Jets.

The claim was first alleged that Apartheid-Israel needed to defend themselves from the Hamas fighters and the Qassam-brigades’ rocket fires into their land.  …that we are revenging the capture and death of three Israeli youth.., the alleged capture and death of the youth was never proved.  Yet a group of Apartheid-Israeli civilians kidnapped a Palestinian youth and killed him. Then burning the body…,…while this was going on the Apartheid-Israeli government invaded the GAZA-Strip, Occupied Palestine-via air, and sea, also the Apartheid-Israeli forces began bombing into the GAZA-Strip by MI tanks.  Then after some eight or nine days of bombardment while not entering the cities and townships of Palestine.  The Apartheid-Israeli forces began a GROUND INVASION into the GAZA Strip.

The Apartheid-Israeli government additionally, claimed they were invading the GAZA Strip to destroy the tunnels that Hamas & Qassam fighters were using.

Yet today, the Apartheid-Israeli government forces withdrew all of their forces, tanks, and land soldiers for the Gaza Strip.  In fact, Apartheid-Israeli forces have only withdrawn to the “so-called”  “BUFFER-ZONE”. Agreeing to a 72-Hour cease-fire.   And these Apartheid-Israeli government have not agreed to open any border between Gaza-Strip & Occupied-Palestine, (now named the State of Israel);  nor to lift the siege against the Gaza Strip.

Currently, and as of 5:15pm Gaza-Strip, Occupied Palestine time, & around, 9:45am USA-Detroit, MI. time; the cease-fire is holding.  We cautiously say all Praise is due to ALLAHUL HAMEED, AL HAM DU LIL LA HI RABBIL AL AMEEN.  AL HAMEED.

Thus far, there have been over 1, 875 Palestinian civilians bodies retrieved from the rubble of the destruction by the Apartheid-Israel soldiers.  And about 1,950 injuries of the Palestinians.

There are no Running water, or Electricity in The Gaza Strip and during the 72-Hour cease-fire, there are Palestinian repair-workers trying to fix these utilities.  While the Palestinian people are using generators and other means of fuel to carry out daily activities.

Apartheid-Israeli government said that they had achieved their goals of destroying the cross-border tunnels and that they had weakened the forces of Hamas.

Yet the Hamas leadership, as well as other Official Palestinian forces states that there has been a total failure of the Israeli forces. Calling what happened in Palestine a victory for Palestine resistance

This is what we know and are aware of as of 5:45pm Occupied Palestine time & 10:15am DET. MI. time




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