With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du

During this 25th day of continuous Bombardment onto Occupied Palestine; Now Hamas has captured one Apartheid-Israeli soldier.

Apartheid-Israeli government never stopped raining their bombs down on Occupied Palestine…this either by air and F-16 fighter jets, or from sea war ships or with land Invasion and M1-Tanks and missiles.  This Israeli government has announced that the 72-hour cease-fire is over…this just hours after it had started.  Further, stating that Apartheid-Israel will now enact the “so-called” Hannibal Directives-which are orders for Apartheid-Israeli soldiers to use any means necessary to accomplish the freedom of the one soldier that has been captured.  Note that Apartheid-Israel does acknowledge that the Israeli soldier had been captured.  Yet Hamas states that they are not the ones that have captured the Israeli soldier.

Hamas officials stated this morning that Israeli government had violated the cease-fire only hours after it had begun.

USA-government officials’ state that the capture of the Israeli soldier is Barbaric…an outrageous violation of the cease-fire…

The current Saudi King slams Israeli government’s actions as a collective-Massacre against the people of Occupied Palestine.

There are over 1,500 Palestinian civilians that have been killed or murdered by Apartheid-Israeli forces.  In Occupied Palestine; also, 12 Palestinian civilian-protesters, protesting from the West Bank, since July 23, 2014.

Israeli forces have admitted to only having 66-of their soldiers killed by Hamas thus far.

There was a vote in the USA-Congress, for continued support of the “IRON-DOME” anti-missile system and the vote in USA Congress was unanimous in support for the 225-million dollars for Apartheid-Israel

The time in Occupied-Palestine is around 7:30p as of this document and this is around 12:00noon USA-Det. MI. time  this is what we have and know or are aware of as of this writing…




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