TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB Time to kill again with a unified effort are post from September 24th 2014

With The Name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, There is no thing More worthy of being worshipped except ALLAH ONLY, And Muhammad, sas, to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent, is the seal of all prophet hood, The Prophet of ALLAH, Amen.

ammah ba’du…

due to the coming of the event of the century, and the last century…that being the period of time that the “911-saga” started and still continues on…on in the minds of the masses of the people…on “on TV” public and private, paid and free-TV.  With and without the lies that are told…over and over and again and again.  Will there be light of day.  Indeed yes.  For every great-nation has fallen in the past.  And surely it is that history repeats itself…be that as it may…is there a FALSE FLAG Situation in the making.  or is this the real thing.  ‘Youknow’ The coming of the Red Moon-for the third time this year-2015; and the period of time that covers the Yum-Ki pper, an major day of celebration for our Jewish people.  Plus, it is the concluding periods of time for the current administration in the W. house.  There are many other things that are coming into play and are coming to be. in this year alone.  So we decided to reprint these words in commemoration of the “911-saga”2001.

…Will John Bannier call for limits on the bombing in Iraq and Syria, or just continue to sip on alcoholic drinks of choice at his favorite vacation spot.  For the ball is clearly in his corner.

Today it is ISIL & ISIS, yesterday it was Al Qaidah, and the Taliban, and a few years before that it was the 911-saga of September 2001.  When does it stop for the American congress and houses of representatives.  Are these “so-called” elected people, elected by the American Populous, just doing just as they please.  With no sense of accountability, no reflections of concern for the public and private lives of other nations and the human beings that live in those nations.

Can we, as American people, American Citizens, American Public; just stand mute, …with “eyes wide shut” so to speak.  Allowing the free for all-bombs to drop upon innocent lives in other countries.  Bombing ON & ON & ON As we please.  Or maybe it should be stated …”as they please”. What goes there!

Have we, As Americans, Not got it yet, have we not come to the conclusion yet, that the masses of Arabic Nations, Arabic speaking people in those nations, and Arabic citizens, they just don’t want us in their lands.  They, these Middle-Eastern Nationals, Really, Really, Really don’t want us in their countries, in their businesses, in their public and private affairs.  They, these Middle-Eastern Nations, don’t want us , as Americans, in their lands; they want us O.U.T.  Notwithstanding the Muslims that are in the majority of many of the lands that the “so-called” coalition forces are attacking-year after year, It’s like the Americanized-jew, in the sense that the Zionist government of Occupied-Palestine, now named Apartheid-Israel Bombs the Palestinian citizen regularly and at will on any given day.  And the “so-called” allied forces, and Unified-coalitions start wars and destroy other nations at will in any given year. They both seem to be the same, i don’t know which is worst.

Have this “so-called” unified coalitions killed enough, invaded enough, toppled enough, destroyed enough; etc., etc., etc.; when and where does it end.

Can the right-minded and clear thinking people of the earth, offer you a cup of coffee or a tobacco stick to smoke; Maybe this will slow you down from killing other Nations, for it takes time to drink a cup of coffee, and to take a smoke break.  A possible relief from being destroyed for other sovereign nations…their properties and lands being reduced to rubble.  Their financial stability being wiped off the books of black ink.  And re-written to the destruction of red ink.  May be if you schedule a game of your favorite sport to be watched on media or attended in person.  Then you would possibly forget to pull the trigger-push the botton-toggle the switch or move the joyce-handle…that would release instruments of mayhem, an inevitable event, a full metal jacket, a second to death, or the pain of not being dead.  Why don’t you invite yourselves to a night out for dinner or just a little snack crumpits and tea, then maybe, just maybe-you would fall asleep-forgetting to drop the thousands of tons of bombs upon innocent nations, and the citizens of those nations who have not defense against you.

…Will this “KILL HUNGRY” Nation-America, just go and take a shower or relax in a hot bath…it may possibly calm you down from making deadly decisions together with their implementations that would become the key causes of the countless human lives being destroyed.  And unco-operative Nations or governments, falling without valid reasons.

O’you American-Forces, you Allied-Forces, you Unified coalitions, will you just take a break from killing so many innocent human lives.  Can-not you still “take time to smell the rose”!

And to the so-called Muslims in America and in the world, for the Glorious Qur’an is a book for all times… and does state that …”those who fail to judge by what ALLAHUL ALEEM Has revealed, they are no more than wrongdoers, sinners and rejecters of faith-Kafir. Chapter 5-verses 42-47

72-HOUR cease-fire Ends in Occupied Palestine-Bombing continues

…amma’ ba’du

…this is what we know at the end of the 72-Hour cease-fire between the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian resistance fighters.  On Friday Morning August 8, 2014 the Apartheid-Israeli forces clashed with protesters in the West Bank,  and Kidnapping and or arresting 11 civilians.  Additionally, the Apartheid-Israeli soldiers have resumed their bombings in targeting Occupied Palestine-The GAZA Strip.

The Only super Power in the Mideast is Apartheid-Israel and they are being backed by USA Congress with a 100% in agreement vote to continue assisting the Apartheid-Israel forces. The USA Congress, recently voted 94-votes in support and zero votes against.  The vote is to send additional reinforcements to the Apartheid-Israeli government’s “IRON-DOME” Weapons system.

This system is the main blocker of the rockets being fired by the Hamas fighters and various other Palestinian resistance fighters in Occupied-Palestine.

The Grand-Mufti of Saudi Arabia, has issued a Fatawa-(which is a [so-called] Islamic-ruling), against the protesting in support of Occupied-Palestine.  We NOTE here and now: that it is, and we believe, that due to the fact that this Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, being on the payroll of the Saudi Government; then it is and would continue to be, in that Grand Mufti’s best interest, to continue to say just what the Saudi Government requires him to say, and continue to say…, …thus, this Grand Mufti was only instructed by the Saudi Government to give such a False and misleading statements, against protesting to support the Occupied Palestine cause.

We are informed that all Occupied-Palestinian resistance forces, including Hamas & the Qassam-Brigades, have agreed to not renew any cease-fire agreements between Occupied-Palestine and Apartheid-Israeli forces.  This is due to the fact of the matter being that Apartheid-Israel had stated, (as late as: Friday 8/8/2014), that they would not lift any siege on Occupied Palestine.

Also, as of the same date: we, The Muslims of the western world, have not heard of any viable call and “so-called” Muslim nation calling for or  making any demands-that-have-substance, that would call for the immediate cease-fire and lifting of the siege against Occupied-Palestine. You , IF YOU ARE Muslim, would first ask yourself why is this, and then knowing that it is for the reason that most of the so-called Muslim-nations are currently being controlled by, to the most –Murtadeen governments, and to the least-by mere kufar, you be the observer-the investigator…

More to come, In Sha ALLAH


72 Hour cease fire against Occupied Palestine will it hold or NO! part II

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du


…There is a short-term small talk and long-term hog-wash being presented by the Obama administration… it is being restate over and over again upon the Public media, and to the poorer masses of people, People who don’t know what is really going on in Occupied Palestine’ or those whom, for the most part, don’t even care about the current conditions in the Gaza-Strip.

Noam Chomsky, Of: Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that “if Hamas doesn’t accept the cease-fire agreement after today’s date, (which is the day that the current ceasefire ends), then Israeli government would have to make the same rhetorical words they have made throughout the siege of Occupied Palestine”.

Henry Sieman: Former Head of American Jewish Congress, said on Wednesday August 7, 2014, that …”the current conditions existing in the Gaza-Strip, Palestine is disastrous”… , …that, ”yes Israel has the right to defend itself, yet no Country or people would accept the conditions that the Palestinians or Gaza-ians are in”…, … could Not Israel have ended  the violence by ending the Occupation of Palestine, that it is utter nonsense to say that Israel has ended the siege of Gaza-Palestine”.

It appears and is seen that the following is so-true: …that the Apartheid-Israeli-government is showing it’s metamorphic  “mind’s eye”, in the structure of how it thinks when dealing and confronting the Great people of Occupied-Palestine. This Apartheid-Israel has not shown and is not currently showing,  “human-being” thinking. Yet clearly, and without shame, and condemnation, they present thoughts of a devil or jinn type of intelligence. Wherein which,  it is also seen also, that just to see and/ or the thought of seeing goodness in some other race of people, or group of people or individuals, is abhorring to them.

So these Apartheid-Israeli individuals carry out a policy-agreed upon and in action for all eyes to see.  “In fact”, the actions of real live monsters in their everyday conduction of business or business as usual

And what nation, in its current state of power or faulted state of being, is able to do anything that has any substance to its effect, I mean that effect that would go beyond the repeated rhetorical words of public view and media watch. But have no real effect upon the necessary changes that are needed now, in Occupied Palestine.  The so-called leaders, of the “so-called” Allied forces, the “so-called” United  Nations”, the “so-called” western-powers, and the “so-called” European-allies are Having a ‘ “JAMES BROWN MOMENT, (regularly),   IN THAT THEY ARE TALKING LOUD AND SAYING NOTHING” ‘ .

They have a multiplied vested interest, political interest, economic interest, and “mass-Public” interest that is procured every day, every hour and every minute of the day.

Apartheid Israeli government has declared the Gaza territories as “enemy territories” which allows Apartheid Israel to avoid any pay-outs to the Palestinian people, citizens.

For now, we end here with these words: …that it is ALLAHUL HASIB That has the best execution of plans that are carried out every day, at all times…

More to come, In Sha ALLAH


72-HOUR CEASE FIRE: WILL IT HOLD OR NO! against Occupied Palestine-Pt. I

With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du

…There have been 29-days of continuous BOMBARDMENT against the GAZA-Strip-The Occupied Palestine; by the Apartheid-Israeli government forces. By Land with MI-tanks, and by sea with war ships and the Lands of Occupied-Palestine were fired upon from the air with the Apartheid-Israeli F-16 Jets.

The claim was first alleged that Apartheid-Israel needed to defend themselves from the Hamas fighters and the Qassam-brigades’ rocket fires into their land.  …that we are revenging the capture and death of three Israeli youth.., the alleged capture and death of the youth was never proved.  Yet a group of Apartheid-Israeli civilians kidnapped a Palestinian youth and killed him. Then burning the body…,…while this was going on the Apartheid-Israeli government invaded the GAZA-Strip, Occupied Palestine-via air, and sea, also the Apartheid-Israeli forces began bombing into the GAZA-Strip by MI tanks.  Then after some eight or nine days of bombardment while not entering the cities and townships of Palestine.  The Apartheid-Israeli forces began a GROUND INVASION into the GAZA Strip.

The Apartheid-Israeli government additionally, claimed they were invading the GAZA Strip to destroy the tunnels that Hamas & Qassam fighters were using.

Yet today, the Apartheid-Israeli government forces withdrew all of their forces, tanks, and land soldiers for the Gaza Strip.  In fact, Apartheid-Israeli forces have only withdrawn to the “so-called”  “BUFFER-ZONE”. Agreeing to a 72-Hour cease-fire.   And these Apartheid-Israeli government have not agreed to open any border between Gaza-Strip & Occupied-Palestine, (now named the State of Israel);  nor to lift the siege against the Gaza Strip.

Currently, and as of 5:15pm Gaza-Strip, Occupied Palestine time, & around, 9:45am USA-Detroit, MI. time; the cease-fire is holding.  We cautiously say all Praise is due to ALLAHUL HAMEED, AL HAM DU LIL LA HI RABBIL AL AMEEN.  AL HAMEED.

Thus far, there have been over 1, 875 Palestinian civilians bodies retrieved from the rubble of the destruction by the Apartheid-Israel soldiers.  And about 1,950 injuries of the Palestinians.

There are no Running water, or Electricity in The Gaza Strip and during the 72-Hour cease-fire, there are Palestinian repair-workers trying to fix these utilities.  While the Palestinian people are using generators and other means of fuel to carry out daily activities.

Apartheid-Israeli government said that they had achieved their goals of destroying the cross-border tunnels and that they had weakened the forces of Hamas.

Yet the Hamas leadership, as well as other Official Palestinian forces states that there has been a total failure of the Israeli forces. Calling what happened in Palestine a victory for Palestine resistance

This is what we know and are aware of as of 5:45pm Occupied Palestine time & 10:15am DET. MI. time




With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du

During this 25th day of continuous Bombardment onto Occupied Palestine; Now Hamas has captured one Apartheid-Israeli soldier.

Apartheid-Israeli government never stopped raining their bombs down on Occupied Palestine…this either by air and F-16 fighter jets, or from sea war ships or with land Invasion and M1-Tanks and missiles.  This Israeli government has announced that the 72-hour cease-fire is over…this just hours after it had started.  Further, stating that Apartheid-Israel will now enact the “so-called” Hannibal Directives-which are orders for Apartheid-Israeli soldiers to use any means necessary to accomplish the freedom of the one soldier that has been captured.  Note that Apartheid-Israel does acknowledge that the Israeli soldier had been captured.  Yet Hamas states that they are not the ones that have captured the Israeli soldier.

Hamas officials stated this morning that Israeli government had violated the cease-fire only hours after it had begun.

USA-government officials’ state that the capture of the Israeli soldier is Barbaric…an outrageous violation of the cease-fire…

The current Saudi King slams Israeli government’s actions as a collective-Massacre against the people of Occupied Palestine.

There are over 1,500 Palestinian civilians that have been killed or murdered by Apartheid-Israeli forces.  In Occupied Palestine; also, 12 Palestinian civilian-protesters, protesting from the West Bank, since July 23, 2014.

Israeli forces have admitted to only having 66-of their soldiers killed by Hamas thus far.

There was a vote in the USA-Congress, for continued support of the “IRON-DOME” anti-missile system and the vote in USA Congress was unanimous in support for the 225-million dollars for Apartheid-Israel

The time in Occupied-Palestine is around 7:30p as of this document and this is around 12:00noon USA-Det. MI. time  this is what we have and know or are aware of as of this writing…




With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.


…amma’ ba’du

… Today is the 25th day of the “WAR ON GAZA” and the invasion of The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine people, by Apartheid-Israel.

It is Friday Jumuah in Occupied-Palestine,   and at 9:50am Palestine time & 2:20am in USA-Det, MI time.

The cease-fire is currently holding…, Israeli government continues to state that …”they are targeting with pinpoint accuracy, all targets in GAZA Strip, Palestine.  Yet most bombardments are killing and murdering Palestinian civilians.  With a part of the agreement being that Apartheid-Israel to stay at their current position and not to fire any more targets to the GAZA Strip.  Occupied Palestine.

Although Hamas has not agreed to this specific issue, both parties stated they would abide by the ceasefire agreement, Hamas taking into consideration the current situation and conditions of the Palestinian citizens, they agreed to the ceasefire.  After the beginning of the ceasefire, Apartheid-Israeli snipers patrolling at the outskirts of the Occupied Palestinian borders, they fired on Palestinian civilians and killed two civilians.  Which brings the total Palestinian deaths, killings and murders by Apartheid –Israel, to 1,460; Apartheid-Israeli government has only admitted to 61 of their soldiers being killed by Hamas and others.

Around 9:55am Occupied Palestine time; Friday August 1, 2014, Israeli tanks began shelling eastern Rafah in Gaza Strip despite ceasefire. We await the reaction to such violations of the current ceasefire,

What will be the Hamas reactions to this shelling of the eastern portions of the township of Rafah, Palestine?

These are the very latest happenings as we know them and that we are aware of more to come, In Sha ALLAH.  Al Muntaqeem-Ad Darr.



With the name ALLAH THE EXTREMELY GRACIOUS THE EXCESSIVELY MERCIFUL, THERE IS NO THING MORE WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED EXCEPT ALLAH ONLY. Muhammad, [to whom the Glorious Qur’an was sent], is the Seal of all Prophet Hood and the Messenger of ALLAH, Amen.

…amma’ ba’du

… Today is the 24th day of the “WAR ON GAZA” and the invasion of  The “GAZA STRIP” Or Occupied Palestine people.     And as of 2:05p Occupied-Palestine time & 6:35: am USA-Det, Michigan time.  The Apartheid Israeli government, “Zionist dogs as they are”, continue to bombard with bombing air strikes by land and from the sea shores of Israel, the People of Occupied Palestine.

…These are the latest atrocities against Palestine as we know them and as we are aware of: that over 1,370 Palestine civilians have been killed and murdered, with over 7, 68 Palestinian civilians’ injuries, committed by Apartheid-Israeli government forces.

…that the Apartheid-Israeli government has 70,000 Israeli soldiers fighting in this war against Occupied Palestine.  And stated that they have called up an additional: 16, 000 troops to fight against Palestine, saying that the extra forces would give the current forces a chance to rest. Additionally, that Israeli Prime minister said they would continue their operations in the GAZA Strip Occupied Palestine.

…that the ‘RED CRECENT’ said that they have no access to water or electric power; and no access to medical supplies for assisting and treating the injured Palestinian citizens.

…that the United Nations Human rights Chief slams Israeli government for their actions against the Palestine people…

…that the much-needed Medical supplies and food and sundries are not being allowed to enter the Occupied Palestine lands and are being blocked from entering by Apartheid-Israel.

…that Jalal Fairooz: Political commentator, speaking from London, said that the Israeli government forces does not fear any International community, does not fear any United Nations Security council, and does not have any fear of the United States, or Obama regime, about their actions against the Occupied Palestinian people. He further said that whoever supplies the weapons to the Israelis are also guilty of helping and assisting with the killing and murdering of the people of Palestine.

May ALLAHUL MUNTAQEEM-AD DARR, Send HIS Anger and HIS Vengeance against this Zionist regime, Apartheid-Israel, and its evil war machine, amen. These are the latest developments out of the GAZA Strip-Occupied Palestine.